Vidmate for Windows

Vidmate for Windows 10/8/7/Mac/XP

Vidmate for Windows 10 is a completely free app. It was created for Android and Windows operating systems. It is a powerful tool for downloading video that allows access to video files from various hosting portals. This application has already achieved great popularity in its segment. It is also easy to use and safe, when it comes into operation, and it delivers a list of video links fully functional and available for immediate download.

Vidmate: What it is and how it works from PC & Laptop

Basically, we are facing a precise and focused app that works as a search engine for videos. With a single click, the user will have access to a significant number of portals to access the best downloadable version of the video you are looking for. Recognized video portals like Vimeo, Dailymoon, YouTube, and Tumblr. Among the most popular portals that would not allow a download of your files unless we have the benefits of a powerful tool such as Vidmate.

One of the most outstanding features of the app in mention is precisely the extensive list of links of the various video sites in one place. Which saves us time and effort in finding them. The links provided by the application allow us to choose the most appropriate download option according to our search criteria. So, it is not necessary to install different download managers of videos in order to download the content from several sites.

How Vidmate for Windows 10 Works

Vidmate with Bluestacks


Vidmate for Windows 10
Vidmate for Windows 10


The first thing to do is to download Bluestacks from its official site. It is an Android emulator, very light and easy to use. When this Bluestacks is installed on your PC we will download the APK from Vidmate. For this you can download it from sites like Uptodown that offer safe and fast downloads.

With everything on your computer, just open the Android emulator, and enter the option in the left side menu that says APK. This to be able to load the APK file of the Vidmate application

When you click on the button you will see a window to explore the location of the APK file. We recommend you leave it in the writing to find it easier. Click on it and wait for Bluestacks to install Vidmate. When you return to the Bluestacks desktop, you can see in the Android applications section that Vidmate is already available for use.

Vidmate with Nox App Player

Just like with Bluestacks, you can use Nox App Player to download Vidmate. Nox App Player is an emulator for Windows that will allow you to install many apps. Just do the same that we explained before.

The first thing that you have to do is to download the software Nox App Player. It is completely free and can be used in any version of Windows. Download the Vidmate APK file. Launch the Nox App Player software, and press the APK option on the right side menu. In the browser, look for the APK file of the application, downloaded before and install it.

The Vidmate application includes links stored by default with which you can download content, but as you use it, availability will be greater.

Install Vidmate in Windows 7

Vidmate is the best application so you can download videos from different platforms. Thousands of people around the world have chosen to consider this application as one of the best options and in this case, we must have in mind that to install Vidmate in Windows 7, there are many ways to do it. We invite you to keep reading this entry and you to learn with us on step of their preparation. Not it will take long time to do so and vera´s as you have every one of your videos without problems.

How to install Vidmate on Windows 7?

What I mean is that we can do this for simple manea. You need to download an application that is compatible with this operating system. There is a version of vidmate for PC which is the most complete, but in recent months has lost updates, what makes that it can fail. Now you can get this app from different platforms, it is best you to analyze that you there infections. If this already did you, it is considered that it should take into account the platforms that supports and one of the main advantages is that Windows 7 is more stable operating systems.

Vidmate on Windows7
Vidmate on Windows7

When you want to install Vidmate you will have to do that downloading the application. If you wish the direct PC version, you may get the compatible file. You will have to download it and then run it, it will take a few seconds and will be installing the application easily. This process can be configured to your liking and when you have everything ready, there will be no problems to continue the installation. In Windows 7 it is immediate to perform this process, just remember to do it with a stable internet connection.

Install Vidmate in Windows 7 version APK

The installation process of this app is very simple, the first thing you need is to download a Emulator for Android. After you do this, it is important to note that people who want to run this version for Android, will always have to first open the emulator. Well, it is necessary to download the version of vidmate APK so then run it directly with this application. This process may take a few minutes and enter the direct installation from the emulator, it will take a little more.

Once this application is already running, you will only have to open it directly in your emulator, on the downloads section. In this way you will see how to install vidmate in Windows 7 is simple, the process is immediate. It depends only on that kind of videos you want to download, you can configure this application is very easy.

You only have to choose each of the videos you want to download go underway. This can be from Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion, among other very important platforms where you can find your favorite videos.

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